Monday, July 12, 2010

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Naraigoto ~Culture Lesson of Japanese kids~

Naraigoto is culture lesson or after-school lesson in Japanese.
These are the famous lessons many Japanese kids are learning.

1: English Lesson
There are many English lesson class for kids in Japan, but actually there are few Japanese who can speak English in the usual elementary or junior highschool.
Japanese school teach all  subject in Japanese and English class is set just as optional class.

2: Swimming School
Swimming school is one of the standard lesson for kids.

3:Piano Class
Piano will be the most famous class of music.

4: Calligraphy
Calligraphy has been losing popularity but it was a standard lesson in the past.

5: Abacus
Likewise Calligraphy, it has been losing popularity. Everything is changing to digital now.

6: Classical Ballet
Classical Ballet is said to be made girl good figure.

7: Soccer  / Baseball
In the past, there were kids baseball teams more than kids soccer teams but soccer is getting popular after the establishment of J-League(Japanese soccer League)in 1993.

Sometimes kids are affected by something and start learning it, as
start learning figure skating after seeing Vancouver Olympic or start
learning tennis after seeing anime "Tennis no oujisama".
Many kids may start learning soccer seeing world cup game (^^)/

Now there are so many lessons other than these lessons like "Dance", "Computer", "Painting", "Cooking Class", "Karate", "Boxing", "Rugby" etc...
What kind of Lesson are there in other countries?
Kids have a lot of opportunity to recognize what they like or what sense do they have.

FYI, the No1 lesson was not in the above classes. No1 lesson was cram-school.
Average monthly cost for culture lesson is about ¥5,000 for 1 subject and the total cost of culture lesson is about ¥10,000yen per month, and the average cost for cram-school is ¥10,000~¥30,000 per month.

Many Japanese kids are crammed in the cram-school after the school...

Boys Be Ambitious!

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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Anison...Anime Song

Anison is the abbreviation of Anime Song.
With the Anime and Seiyuu(Voice actor) boom, Anime Song is getting popular.
What is amazing is the quality of the music, some of them are so attractive and the music make impression more than usual pop music.
Many anime and anime songs are created and posted on You tube, and Nikodo and
other web site, and good songs are spreading through word of mouth with the web site evaluation.
Everybody can share the music easily and by free of charge through these web site, that may be one of the reason that anime songs are spreading so fast and worldwide. Good anime songs are built on everybody's evaluation, many likes! not by the big promotion of the record company.
Not only the Japanese anime itself but the anime song and seiyuu(voice actor) will attract more and more people in the world in the near future.

One of the anime song... from anime "Angle Beats!"

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Arigatou Nippon!

Just want to say "Arigatou" to Blue Samurai.
I am proud of them as Japanese.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Like Gogh Night Cafe??

Isn't it like Gogh Night Cafe?
This is a picture of a summer festival called "Mitama matsuri" of Yasukuni Shrine in Tokyo. The combination of Japanese lantern and night sky is as beautiful as Gogh picture.Yasukuni Shrine Summer Festival

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Japanese for love and date

More Making Out in Japanese
Making Out in Japanese
Japanese will be taught to end the sentence with "~desu" or "~masu" but these sentence will not be seen in the daily, casual conversation.

Japanese start learning English from junior high school, and the first sentence to learn English is "This is a pen", I think people in the English-speaking countries won't use or say it in the daily life .

Language which can't be seen in the daily life or which doesn't match the situation sometimes gives the image, "a little bit strange", or "unnatural", but to explain or describe  the natural Japanese used in the daily life is quite difficult as there is not a clear rule for those words, therefore everybody in the world are learning Japanese which is possible to explain and learn with a certain rule.

There are many Japanese teaching books, however these books, Making Out in Japan series shows natural and common Japanese in the situation of love and dating. As the situation is easy to image and funny, the words will be easy to learn.

My friend used some  sentence in those books to pick up hot Japanese girls, but the words were too frank to use for a first meet girl and he was slapped...(T T)
Words are so natural so take care when using them. lol

Try Japanese for love and date!
It is the fastest way to learn Japanese!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Japan Loves U Shop Open!

Selected Japanese Snack, Food, Book etc...

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Real and virtual of Manga (K-ON)

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A song called "Love" of girls heavy metal band "Death Devil" in Manga K-ON is now in the ranking of itunes.
"Death Devil" is not a real band, it is a band in the manga, however a real CD was released on 23rd June, 2010.
K-ON is a manga describing the story of high school girls rock band. 
As far as there is manga fun, a product, music, food... anything in the manga will be produced as "real" product from various manga. 
Imagination and virtual world of manga will be a little bit real things with those real goods in the story.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Type of Boys&Girls in Japanese

The way of type to describe boys and girls in Japan.

Kireikei and Kawaiikei(Girl Type)

"kei"means like "group", Kirei group and Kawaii group.
Kirei+kei(group): Beautiful girl, sophisticated girl, cool beauty, model type, elder sister type
Kawaii+kei(group):Cute girl, lovable, friendly, younger sister type
We sometimes talk like "Is your girlfriend Kireikei or Kawaiikei?"
Girls will feel good to be said "Kirei" or "Kawaii", however personally I will feel happy to be said "Kawaii". It is just my point of view, however "Kawaii" seems to include lovely feeling more than "Kirei".
Which type you are?

Soushokukei and Nikushokukei(Boy Type)

Soshoku+kei(group):Soushoku means plant-eating. Soushoku type boys are calm, shy, and hard to attack girls by himself but kind and gentle boys.
Nikushoku+kei(group):Nikushoku means meat-eating. Nikushoku type boys are aggressive to attack girls by himself.
In Japan, Soushoku boys seems to be increasing. Are you Soushokukei?
I think, comparing Japanese boys with boys in the world, Japanese boys will be all Soushokukei thus there is Nikushoku girls in Japan. Girls who are aggressive to attack boys and have initiative for dating, Soushoku boys will feel comfortable with those girls. If demand and supply matches, everybody can spend lovely life with their best partner.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Yakiniku is a name of the way eating meat.
Grill the meat mainly beef, sometimes pork, chicken on the wire pan.
It is really simple, grill the meat and dip them into Yakiniku sause and eat.
Yakiniku sauce are different by the restaurant. Quality of the meat and Yakiniku sauce will make Yakiniku delicious.
Usually there are korean vegetable appetizer as Kimuchi, Namuru in the Yakiniku restaurant. Having those vegetable appetizer makes Yakiniku healthy.
"Yukke" is raw beef seasoned with sauce, having with fresh egg and vegetable.
Yakiniku is lighter than steak, and the sause is soy sauce base, you can enjoy and feel it as Japanese steak.
Yakiniku Restaurant in Tokyo
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