Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Type of Boys&Girls in Japanese

The way of type to describe boys and girls in Japan.

Kireikei and Kawaiikei(Girl Type)

"kei"means like "group", Kirei group and Kawaii group.
Kirei+kei(group): Beautiful girl, sophisticated girl, cool beauty, model type, elder sister type
Kawaii+kei(group):Cute girl, lovable, friendly, younger sister type
We sometimes talk like "Is your girlfriend Kireikei or Kawaiikei?"
Girls will feel good to be said "Kirei" or "Kawaii", however personally I will feel happy to be said "Kawaii". It is just my point of view, however "Kawaii" seems to include lovely feeling more than "Kirei".
Which type you are?

Soushokukei and Nikushokukei(Boy Type)

Soshoku+kei(group):Soushoku means plant-eating. Soushoku type boys are calm, shy, and hard to attack girls by himself but kind and gentle boys.
Nikushoku+kei(group):Nikushoku means meat-eating. Nikushoku type boys are aggressive to attack girls by himself.
In Japan, Soushoku boys seems to be increasing. Are you Soushokukei?
I think, comparing Japanese boys with boys in the world, Japanese boys will be all Soushokukei thus there is Nikushoku girls in Japan. Girls who are aggressive to attack boys and have initiative for dating, Soushoku boys will feel comfortable with those girls. If demand and supply matches, everybody can spend lovely life with their best partner.

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