Monday, June 28, 2010

Japanese for love and date

More Making Out in Japanese
Making Out in Japanese
Japanese will be taught to end the sentence with "~desu" or "~masu" but these sentence will not be seen in the daily, casual conversation.

Japanese start learning English from junior high school, and the first sentence to learn English is "This is a pen", I think people in the English-speaking countries won't use or say it in the daily life .

Language which can't be seen in the daily life or which doesn't match the situation sometimes gives the image, "a little bit strange", or "unnatural", but to explain or describe  the natural Japanese used in the daily life is quite difficult as there is not a clear rule for those words, therefore everybody in the world are learning Japanese which is possible to explain and learn with a certain rule.

There are many Japanese teaching books, however these books, Making Out in Japan series shows natural and common Japanese in the situation of love and dating. As the situation is easy to image and funny, the words will be easy to learn.

My friend used some  sentence in those books to pick up hot Japanese girls, but the words were too frank to use for a first meet girl and he was slapped...(T T)
Words are so natural so take care when using them. lol

Try Japanese for love and date!
It is the fastest way to learn Japanese!

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